Just By Creating an Actor Reel…

Just by creating an actor reel, you can stand out among the many candidates auditioning for valuable roles in the industry. But that’s not the only benefit to producing your reel. The real benefit is knowledge. When you embark upon the task of putting together a reel, it forces you to honestly assess your career. How much work have you really done? What is the quality of your acting? Are you proud of the work? How can you improve upon your oeuvre? A reel gives you an immediate answer to all these questions, and helps you get clear on how to move forward.

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Some Demo Reel Insite

Let’s face it, in this day and age with technology being what it is you need a demo reel. In the past, all actors needed was a good looking headshot and a resume but those days are coming to an end. With just about everyone utilizing fast internet connections, demo reels via the internet are as important as headshots. Casting directors would rather see your talent instead of looking at headshot with resumes that everyone knows that people tend to stretch the truth on just a bit. Don’t take it from us, hear it from the source:

“Not having [a current actors reel] absolutely decreases an actor’s chances of getting hired. It looks like you’ve never worked in film or television. And what better way to see how an actor looks on film than to see their reel?”
- Mark Sikes, casting director

A good demo reel has to show off your acting ability and do it quickly. Casting Directors and Producers don’t have time to sit through every Demo Reel they come across so you got to get their attention quickly. Since we also do Independent Films we know exactly what Casting Directors and Producers are looking for. We work with great care to not only make a great demo reel but we also make sure it packs the punch that is vital to any actor in the business. Our goal is not only to make you a great demo reel but create a work of art. Something that is not only watched more than once but something that people will be talking about.

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10 Acting Audition Tips

1.) Always bring a picture and resume.I don’t care if you have an Agent, a Manager, and a Momma
Rose-style “mom-ager” who all promised to send it over. You’re the one that won’t be remembered if you don’t have one. A P&R is more than an American Express card. It’s like a pair of shoes. You wouldn’t leave home without shoes, would you?

2.) Haven’t memorized the material? Don’t pretend you have.If you have sides, try to memorize them. But if you can’t, it’s ok. We’d rather hear the material as written with the papers in your hand than hear you make up stuff just to prove that you tried (and failed) to memorize the material (remind me to tell you about the time an actor added a few lines to a Tony Award winning playwright’s monologue to kill time while he tried to get back on track).

3.) Don’t make excuses.I don’t want to hear that you have a cold, or that you have bed-head, or that your printer is broken. Do your best.

4.) If I ask you to make a choice, make one.I commonly ask the people auditioning for me to choose between two monologues, or I ask them to give me three song choices from their book and then I say, “which would you like to do?” I want to learn what YOU are attracted to, and I also want to see you make a choice. Don’t say, “It doesn’t matter. What do you want?” Actors have to make strong clear choices when developing characters. I want to see that side of you in everything you do.

5.) Make your first 15 seconds count.When you meet someone for the first time, don’t you make a lot of suppositions? We do too.

6.) Be the 3 Cs.Be comfortable, charismatic and confident. Actors have to command attention. They have to be the most interesting people in a 1000 seat theater. Be someone that we want to get to know. If you can do that as yourself, I know you’ll also be able to do that in a character.

7.) Don’t take the last audition times of the day.Casting is not an easy process, and at the end of the day, a creative team is grumpy, tired and wants to go home. The early actor gets the part. (Another reason to be scheduled early? You don’t have the rest of the day of actors to be compared to. I’m much more likely to call someone back that I see early because I have no idea what the rest of the day will bring.)

8.) Let us know where to find you.Even if you have an agent, put an email address where you can be reached directly on your resume (For safety reasons, I’d suggest a separate email just for this purpose). This way, if you ever leave your agent, or if your agent doesn’t get back to the casting director right away, interested parties have a way of at least sending you an inquiry. You don’t have to respond. Pix and Resumes sit in files for years. You always want some piece of contact information to be accurate so someone can find you fast.

9.) Don’t start over.Screw up? Fight through it. And it probably wasn’t as bad as you thought. You’re more sensitive to it than we are. An old voice teacher of mine used to say, “If you put a microphone on the inside of a Mercedes engine, you’d hear all sorts of sputtering and spitting, but from the outside, you’d hear nothing but purrrrrrrrr.”

10.) Always audition.The best way to master auditioning is just like everything else. Do it over and over. You’ll get numb to the nerves. You’ll be able to be yourself. And you’ll get free practice! I used to go to dance calls, because learning a dance combination at an audition is a free dance class (and I needed them). Actors who get to work on sides with directors at an audition get a free coaching.

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How Important is a Demo Reel?

A demo reel can be incredibly helpful as you move along in your career to help educate a director, casting director, even a studio executive as to your range and your body of work. With reels being used online it gives you an opportunity to showcase your best work, photos, resume, headshot and press all in one place at the click of a button.  It is a wonderful tool for your manager or agent to use to help open the minds of those who might think of an actor as only one type.  For example one manager I spoke to said she had a casting director tell her that the actor didn’t seem “mean enough” for the part so she didn’t want to bring him in to audition.  The manager then sent along his reel with a wonderful scene from an acclaimed television show where he played the “villain”.  Not only did he get the audition, he got the part. So as you build your career a demo reel becomes a necessity

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What is a demo reel and who needs it?

A demo reel is a collection on film or video of the work that best represents you and your job credentials within the film and television industry. A demo reel is useful for directors, writers, actors, cinematographers, production designers, producers and editors. It’s a visual resume of your past work and an essential part of any actor’s portfolio.

Demo reels constantly need to be updated. It is important that they are concise, while having impact and focus on the actor. A demo reel will change over the years, as the actor’s career unfolds. A demo reel is useful for any aspiring actor.

Some common mistakes made with actor demo reels include: making the demo reel too long, trying to make a reel with non-professional material, using theater work for film, putting your demo reel on DVD’s that aren’t universal, inadequate labeling, and which highlight other actors. To avoid these problems, it is commonly advised to use the services of a professional to attain the highest level of production quality.

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Audition Tip – Don’t Chew Gum

Don’t ever walk into an audition chewing gum. It’s unattractive and comes across terribly on camera. Plus it likely doesn’t fit the role you’re auditioning for unless it’s a valley girl. Even so, show them who you are without the gum, that can always be added later.

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