Creating quality demo reels that promote you as an outstanding actor is our mission. We’ve created hundreds of reels and hope that you’ll give us an opportunity to make you shine. Here’s a word from some of our satisfied customers…

Personal, prompt, professional.

How I felt about the finished product mattered.

I recommend Reel Deels.”
- Melinda S.

I have to say, John has an amazing eye, is a very skilled editor, delivers quickly and truly understands how to make the best reel with your content.

You will be more than happy!

I highly suggest!”
- Carolyn B.

I am an experienced actor that already a demo reel from 2010. It was too long though, at 8 minutes. At that time, I spent over 300 dollars. I was afraid re-doing my demo reel would also be that expensive. I also thought that I would have to actually go into a demo reel company in Hollywood and get it done. I was wrong
…I found Reel Deels. Jon added a ton of my new TV shows and cut out unnecessary stuff from my first reel. He also edited it down to 3 and a half minutes. Plus he did it without me having to go and see him. We chatted on Skype a few times and traded emails and it was all done within a week. It was also only 200 dollars. The whole process was way easier and cheaper than I thought.
I will definitely recommend Reel Deels to all my friends in Hollywood.
Here is my reel: http://vimeo.com/70047986″

- David W.
“Jonathan found us on a newly created Twitter page. I was skeptical but wanted to reward his entrepreneurialism with our business. His constant communication and thoroughness were initially impressive but the final result of my daughter’s reel was amazing. We didn’t have a lot to work with in content but he turned it into an incredible 2 min reel. The price was unbeatable as well. Highly recommended~”
- Pamela C.
“After extensive demo reel research I decided to go with ReelDeels. Great decision! I’m more than pleased. Reeldeels had the best competitive rates with a fast turnaround. I will recommend to anyone looking for expert editing, great material and genuine concern for quality work. Their not just about getting actors money and throwing something together. I appreciated that. Thank You HT”
- H.T
“I recommend reel deels to any actor who doesn’t have a reel put together. They’re friendly, accommodating and efficient . The quality and edits of the video are great. A great level of communication is maintain throughout the process. I even got a follow up email after everything was completed and I received my reel. I am happy I chose reel deels.”
- Jasun S.
“Quick service and great quality. Had a quick consultation and before you knew it the reel was done.”
- Leslie Lynx
“Reel Deels was a pleasure to work with. No stress, no problems. Gave me exactly what I wanted.”
- Darrel Harper
“I was shopping around for a while, they beat everyone’s price and it was great quality. The filming took no time at all and I got the finished product the next day.”
- Jason Elliot
“I gave them my footage from a few projects I worked on. They knew exactly what they were doing. They made me look good!!!!”
- Jay Ohrn
“For the price I couldn’t believe the speed and quality. Wow!”
- Megan Russel

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