Why is a reel important?
Film is a fast paced industry, if you are sending headshot you will be lucky to get a quick glance, but if you send in a reel, it most likely get viewed. It is a proven statistic that actors with good reels have a better chance of getting gigs.
A reel is important because it makes you three dimensional. It allows casting directors to see and hear you, something a headshot can’t do. It SHOWS previous work you have done, rather than your resume SAYING what you have worked on. Your reel is your commercial, giving you a few moments to really sell yourself. A picture is worth a thousand words, a reel has 30 frames per second, that’s 30,000 pictures per second, that minute is worth 1,800,000 words. That’s way more than a single picture!

How do I give you footage from previous projects?
There are a number of different formats we can edit. You can upload files directly to our site. You can give us a CD with different file types on it – MOV, FLV, F4V, MPEG, MP4, DV, etc (we take almost any file type). You can also email us files, but we do not recommend that. We can also edit videos from YouTube or Vimeo, just send us the link. You can also give us a DVD.

Do I have to be local?
No, you don’t have to local for us to edit your existing footage. We have clients around the world. You can upload footage directly to our site, email us files, or mail us files and we can have you’re reel quickly. We will mail you a DVD and CD with all the files.

What type of camera do you use?
We use a DSLR Canon 5D Mark III. This is a top of the line FULL HD camera.

If you are shooting a reel for me, can I give you footage I have from other projects, so, you can edit it in?
Yes, that’s not a problem.

Can I have the raw footage from our shoot?
No! Frankly, this is a time consuming process and that is not what you are paying for. We are editing experiments with years of experience and awards, and it is insulting when you ask for raw footage. It means you don’t trust us.

If you are shooting a reel for me, can I give you footage I have from other projects, so, you can edit it in?
Yes, of course.

Can I sit down and edit with you?
No, the editing process is a time consuming and sporadic. We have many clients and to sit down with each individual during editing would take up more time then allotted for that project. We happily take notes, listen to your ideas and make changes.

What happens during the consultation?
If we are editing a reel for you discuss who you want to be and what you want to do. We will go through your footage and access which is the best, what shots make you shine.
If we are shooting a reel for you we discuss some scenes/monologues that have been previously sent to you via email. We get to see what you look and sound like, discuss what type of acting you want to do (comedy, drama, host, etc), and discuss what will we will do during the shoot.

How many scenes can I do in one shoot?
Generally 2 or 3, but if you want to do more we can create a custom time frame for you and discuss pricing.

Should I bring someone to play opposite me?
Yes, if the scene calls for it. We do not provide any extra people.

Should I bring props?
If you think you have a prop that fits the scene bring it. It will make the scene all the better. We will do our best to supply you with the proper props for the scene. How does the shooting process work?
We will need an estimated 30 minutes of prep time. We will place you where we will be shooting and adjust the lighting correctly to make you look great. We will get multiple shots of you, so we have different angles of your face. If there are any particular shots you want you can always suggest them. We will work till you are happy!

Is there a deposit?
Yes, there is a $100 deposit.

Can I cancel the day before?
NO!!!! That is not professional and hard on us. If you need to reschedule try to do it at least 72 hours in advance. THE SOONER THE BETTER!

Do you provide wardrobe and makeup/hair?
We wish we could…but no. It is the actor’s responsibility to provide their own wardrobe and make up/hair.

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