How Important is a Demo Reel?

A demo reel can be incredibly helpful as you move along in your career to help educate a director, casting director, even a studio executive as to your range and your body of work. With reels being used online it gives you an opportunity to showcase your best work, photos, resume, headshot and press all in one place at the click of a button.  It is a wonderful tool for your manager or agent to use to help open the minds of those who might think of an actor as only one type.  For example one manager I spoke to said she had a casting director tell her that the actor didn’t seem “mean enough” for the part so she didn’t want to bring him in to audition.  The manager then sent along his reel with a wonderful scene from an acclaimed television show where he played the “villain”.  Not only did he get the audition, he got the part. So as you build your career a demo reel becomes a necessity

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