What is a demo reel and who needs it?

A demo reel is a collection on film or video of the work that best represents you and your job credentials within the film and television industry. A demo reel is useful for directors, writers, actors, cinematographers, production designers, producers and editors. It’s a visual resume of your past work and an essential part of any actor’s portfolio.

Demo reels constantly need to be updated. It is important that they are concise, while having impact and focus on the actor. A demo reel will change over the years, as the actor’s career unfolds. A demo reel is useful for any aspiring actor.

Some common mistakes made with actor demo reels include: making the demo reel too long, trying to make a reel with non-professional material, using theater work for film, putting your demo reel on DVD’s that aren’t universal, inadequate labeling, and which highlight other actors. To avoid these problems, it is commonly advised to use the services of a professional to attain the highest level of production quality.

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